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"Riley" (Tony Wongshue) is dead, and Ray adds a blood makeup to his face.

SAM_0582 (600 x 450).jpg?1327878207652

Tony Wongshue, Producer Migdalia Etheridge, and Jack Maloney

SAM_0583 (600 x 450).jpg?1327878245471

Captives for ransome.

SAM_0586 (600 x 450).jpg?1327878295889

Blocking a scene.

SAM_0587 (600 x 450).jpg?1327878337603

A warehouse full of drugs.

SAM_0588 (600 x 400).jpg?1327878383456

The "escape tunnel".

SAM_0589 (480 x 600).jpg?1327878422390

Ray helps Jeshua Len with the Bigfoot costume.

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SAM_0593 (600 x 450).jpg?1327879246843

"Clyde" (Greg St.Pierre) puts handcuffs on his captives.

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SAM_0600 (600 x 450).jpg?1328402695862

William Charles Bresch gets ready for his scene.

SAM_0601 (600 x 480).jpg?1328402752715

A script "read-through" before shooting.

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SAM_0604 (600 x 480).jpg?1328402859384

In search of Bigfoot.

SAM_0606 (600 x 450).jpg?1328402932997

Cruisin for Sasquatch...